Import JSON or Markdown with iOS Apps?

I have several entries in Day One which I want to bring them together as ideally one Text with Pictures and ideally dates to do some additional writing.

I was able to export a JSON and import it with Bear App. As I am only on iOS (iPad Pro and iPhone) right now I am searching for a way to get this Day One JSON or any kind of Bear Export (Markdown, Textbundle or whatever) info Agenda (Premium) on iOS.

Any idea for this please?

You should be able to bring across a markdown or text document. If you export to Files, and then open the exported markdown file in Agenda, I believe it should work. You could also consider just copying and pasting the text.

There is no way to get the attachments included at the moment. You would have to copy those over individually, I’m afraid, or export each and then import them each separately.

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Understand, will try. Attachments aka photos were the issue but I’ll try a different way. Thank you for your quick answer!