Import from Evernote

What I did:
Exported approximately 3700 notes from Evernote (most of which had PDF attachments). Imported the resulting “enex” file into Agenda.

What happened:
The progress bar progressed slowly at first. However, eventually it just froze completely (about halfway through) and I had to force-close Agenda. When I restart Agenda and click the project into which I imported the Evernote notes, the app beachballs, sometimes for up to a minute or two, then puts a note on the screen. If I scroll, it beachballs again but eventually puts another note on the screen.

It appears as though some of the notes are in Agenda, but I can’t effectively go through them, and of course given that the status bar froze about halfway through during import, I have reason to believe that only a subset of my notes imported.

I deleted the project and tried again twice, but it is the same behavior each time.

What I expected:
I expected the import to complete, and that the notes would be available afterwards. I’m really excited to try out Agenda!

Things that might be helpful to know (Agenda version, OS and model, etc):
Macbook Pro, late 2012, quad core I7 with 16GB memory. MacOS Mojave 10.14.6. Agenda version 9.1.2 installed from the Mac app store.

That is just too many notes for a single project, I’m afraid. I think you would be best to try to export notes from Evernote in groups, if possible. Perhaps 100 notes at a time.

Note that Agenda is quite a different type of app to Evernote. It is probably not ideal for that many notes. It is not designed as a place to drop lots of data. It has a special time based structure, which makes it more suitable as a way to work through projects etc. The best solution may end up being Evernote for a dropbox of stuff, with Agenda for project management.