Impact of Assigned date on performance

Using Agenda for Journaling with “Assign Date” to get it on “Today” view. I have no idea whether it’s useful to leave the Assignment intact after the date is past, but was wondering whether it has impact on the performance.

I can’t think of any impact on performance, no. We fully intend for dates to be attached to notes, even in the past.

If you are noticing some performance problem which you suspect is caused by dates, please let us know.

Difficult to determine the cause of performance downgrades, so this was one of the suspects, but it’s you who can look in the code and see if all notes with dates in the past are updated every day (to make from “Today”, “Yesterday” and so on) and if that hardly cost any effort, then it’s something else making writing in notes slow.
Thanks for your reply!

No, the cards do not get updated each day. Today and Yesterday etc are actually searches that refresh several times a day. I guess if you have a lot of notes on a particular day, Today may slow down a little.