Images Too Small to View

A big miss for me in Agenda is it’s inability to accept images beyond a farily small size. As someone who works frequently with images of network topologies (boxes, lines, arrows, and text) it is useful to have these available in notes as reference as they are key focal points for notes (i.e. notes frequently don’t make sense without them). When I paste an image into Agenda it shrinks it to the point the text is unreadable.

I searched through the community and found that images default to the “width” (whatever that means). However when I insert an image, its width is about half that of the distance between margins of the notes.

Click or press and hold on the image, you can then change the size it can be displayed as

Huh? I can’t seem to get that technique to work.

A screenshot of what you see would be helpful in this case, could you post one?

There are a few display styles. You can change this by clicking on an image (macOS).

Thumbnails are small. Full width should be more readable, but if you need to see the whole image, you can double click to open it.

If when you open it and it still looks small, the issue is with the app that is putting the data on the clipboard. If that is the case, you may be better bringing it in in a different way. Eg first exporting the image and then importing it. Or dragging in the image. You could also use a screenshot, and drag that into Agenda.

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