Images in Note makes it slow and jerky

I have a note with around 20 images - all photos taken (from within Agenda) at a conference of slides and flipcharts. (Using Agenda on iPhone)

After a few images I found the behaviour of the Note to be weird. This included being slow to scroll within the note, lots of white space where there should have been text or images, diffcult to place the cursor where I wanted to type.

It seemed especially bad when I woke up my iPhone - sometimes I had to navigate to another note and then make to make it behave.

Also, turning the phone landscape to take a photo made the screen elements become misaligned.

Yes, images are expensive. It should get faster after the initial load.

We also made improvements to this very recently, so make sure you have our latest version on each device.

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This "slow, jerky, buggy“ behavious also applies, when assigning too much tags (which as I learned are internally handled as images as well).

But it seems, that current iOS version 8.0.2 has improved here a little bit as @drewmccormack mentioned. At least it seems a little bit faster to me when browsing my notes and switching between projects. I hope to see these improvements coming to the MacOS version soon.

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Can’t remember if event was before or after last update. Will keep an eye on this.