Image size reduction

Hi, This seems the most appropriate place to put my comment, sorry about the age of the original post.

Something I believe I mentioned years back was the need not only for images, but the control of the size. There’s a good reason why apple mail, for example, let’s the user choose the size of images he’s sending. Most of what I use Agenda for is note taking. If I have an important image for a project it will probably be in Devonthink or in the project folder.

For the most part if I have an image in Agenda it will be a simple rough reference, or even just a pic of someone I want to remember, etc. Naturally I can also imagine wanting a larger image, but I hope you see my point is to be able to store a small image, reduced by the app as I see appropriate at the time. I don’t want some simple sketch taking up 5mb when a 50kb version will be enough to get the idea across.

I can’t imagine I’m the only one who would like to save disk space where I can (as a photographer I have terabytes of images, but not on my laptop). Please consider adding this relatively simple command to the menu.

And yes of course I could do it with another app, but the whole point of this app is speed and convenience for notes. It could even work as a right-click ‘reduce’ after the fact, or an overall preference that reduces all images to a certain size, with or without a verification.

Ok, anyway, it would be nice.
Thanks for your work on this great app.


I agree with the OP’s comments and trust the Devs to implement the feature consistent with the best manner for the app…as soon as possible. FWIW, currently I restrict my use of the feature, because of the normally large size of the files (photos).

We did make some big improvements to the size of images, such as drawing previews. It now uses JPEG, which is much smaller than the original PNG. I would be surprised if a normal image was 5MB now, though there could be 5MB files left over from when we hadn’t made the change.

In general we take the view that whatever file/image you drag in should be preserved. If you ever drag it out again, you should get exactly the same file/image. In other cases, such as previews of drawings, we now use JPEG to reduce space.

If you have particular examples you want me to test, let me know. I think if you drag in a JPEG photo, it should stay a JPEG photo, and will only be a few hundred kb at most.

Ok. I’ll test some more. With all the recent updates, it’s hard to test all! Thanks

Hi, I can’t argue with your logic and if your guiding principle is to always maintain the original then I guess that’s that. I was just thinking of convenience. If I have a photo whose importance is not in the details, I just want a kind of visual reminder, especially for a journal entry. I was wrong to mention sketches as an example since they can be highly compressed, but certainly for photos. Anyway, no worries, it’s just an extra step. I already have had several droppable automator scripts on my desktop for this purpose (ie make the image 400px, 1000px, etc) but I was thinking of your user base.

Most photos these days export as JPEG, so they shouldn’t be huge. Just a few hundred KB.

The idea to perhaps offer a menu option to downscale an image is not bad, and we will keep it in mind. Thanks!

Exactly my thought also.

FWIW, I’ve used the cog wheel option to (1) take a photo with an iPad (iPadOS 13) for insert into a Note and (2) copied a photo from the same iPad Camera Roll and when inserting them into a Note they each ‘came over’ greater than 3meg and not a ‘few hundred KB. Are you by chance using a Mac?

Hmm, the route to the photo will certainly play a role in what you end up with. I will investigate if we are somehow not compressing well using the cog option and using copy. Just to confirm, when you say “copy a photo from the same iPad Camera Roll”, do you mean you go into the Photos app, select a photo, choose Copy, go back to Agenda, and Paste?

If a picture is worth a 1,000 words, then :wink: -

Just to be clear, these are normal photos in your photo library, correct?

One issue we do have is that we prefer to preserve whatever file is passed to us. It could be a shock if you are storing important image files, and later find when you export that we converted them all to JPEGs.

Is this how all your images behave? Do you ever see the images being reduced in size? (The last one is a bit smaller. Perhaps that is a case where we get a choice about what data to use.)

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99.9% of photos originate from my iDevices to Camera Roll (iCloud). Each could be of a different size, I assume, depending on the particular iDevice and the camera internals of that device. That’s NOT the case for the 3 in the screen grab. Each came to the Camera Roll from an iPad Pro 12.9” (2018). The other .1% can come from text message, email or other and saved to Camera Roll. In that instance, the size of the image that would end up in Agenda would/could be much smaller. So as I (and potentially others) may have indicated, I am NOT looking to preserve archival copies of the images (in their original size) that would find there way to Agenda. That’s why it seems reasonable to me for a user defined option in Settings that would indicate maximum saved/copied photo size. Just a suggestion.

I prefer that the images maintain their size ie that I can keep quality images in Agenda and not have to be concerned about the size. Then if I need or want to use that image again, it’s there and I do not have to track down the original, assuming I can find it.

I haven’t noticed Agenda slowing down at all.

I buy iDevices with enough space to do what I want and not have to worry about it.

If you have a large file, you can always put a link.

I think the answer in the end will be to provide commands that people can use to reduce the image size, should they choose. The default would still be to begin with the original file, I think.

Thanks for the feedback!