Image quality in PDF-export



I tried to export a note from Agenda to .pdf but the quality of the images in the exported pdf-file was very poor, and the text in the image was unreadable. In the Agenda-file the images look crisp and I have no trouble reading the text. The native Agenda elements in the pdf-export also looks just fine, so this only relates to inserted image files after export.


Thanks for the report, we’ll have a look.


What device was this? Mac or iOS?


It was exported to pdf on MacOS


Example picture (screenshot)
Agenda-note to the left, exported pdf to the right


OK, thank you. We will investigate.


Hi again
Have you had any time to look into this?


Not yet. Will take a look Monday.


Update: This problem was solved in the last update, and the PDF-export now has excellent image quality. Thanks a lot for a superb application and brilliant development model.


Glad to hear! Thanks for letting us know.