Image markup

When an image is opened, the markup tools automatically engage so that a single finger swipe makes a pen line on the image. This is no doubt useful as the automatic setting for many, but could there be the option to have the markup tools toggled off so that you can pan around an image first using a single finger before switching the markup tools on? I recognise that you can pan using two fingers, however scrolling in the app outwith an opened image is done with one finger.

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Do you mean when you select the “Annotate” option? That is for drawing on the image, so it makes some sense that it would put you in that mode. If you do just want to view a drawing, use the Preview/QuickLook option.

Let me know if I am missing the point.

I think I understand. I’ve found that a brief a tap opens annotate mode with markup switched on and a tap and hold opens up the viewer. I’ll get the hang of things! :rofl:

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