Image Display - Default and Side-by-side

Just recently updated to version 14.1 (Mac) and it is super annoying when I drag/drop or copy/paste new image, the image become “inline” rather than the “full width” same as prior images in the same note.

Now I have to manually select how I want to display my image every time, which is not so productive.

Also, since you have option of 25% and 50%, why not allow images to be able to display side-by-side, in the same line as others (let user hit “return” if he/she want to separate images on different line). Since this is a note taking app, I would think compactness also helps the users a lot. Sometimes I all I need is to glance at my note to see the whole picture of each one, that’s all.

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This would indeed be super great

The bug with changing display style upon dragging or copy paste should be fixed in the 14.1.1 update currently in review.

We’ll see if we can allow side-by-side display of smaller percentages.