If Your iPhone Suddenly Seems Dead [Off-topic]

Please forgive me if this seems to be off-topic, but in case anyone else is as dependent on the iOS version of Agenda as I am, it may be worth a mention.

Yesterday I got a major fright when I picked up my iPhone and found it unresponsive. The screen was black, and no amount of pressing the Home button or attempting to switch it off and on again produced any reaction whatsoever. I’d been charging it overnight so I figured the battery shouldn’t be empty, but I tried a different cable, adaptor and even a different power outlet, just in case. The phone grew warm to the touch, but otherwise still did not react. I couldn’t work out whether that meant the phone was receiving power, or refusing to accept it. It takes half a day to get to the nearest Apple Store and back, which was going to be a problem, but getting any effective work done without it was likely to be close to impossible.

That’s probably why in desperation I tried something that I thought was guaranteed NOT to work, but I reckoned I was out of other options. I pressed the Home button and the Power button at the same time, and held them down to try to force a hard restart. I’ve done it occasionally when an app has frozen, but I’d always believed that the phone has to be at least operative for that to happen.

Nevertheless, to my amazement, after a few moments the Apple logo appeared. It sat there on the screen for what seemed as long as it takes to do an iOS update, and then suddenly the phone was fine and it’s worked normally ever since.

I’ve read that iOS 11.4 can make a phone behave strangely, including causing system crashes, so I can only assume that’s what caused the problem - as none of the iOS 11 updates had previously misbehaved for me it had never entered my head.

If anyone else has the same problem, you might like to try a hard restart. It’s counter-intuitive when the phone seems dead, but I’m very glad to say it worked for me!

Thanks for sharing and glad you got your phone back to work!

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