If there any chance the quickaction key change from ‘\’ to ‘/‘?

Because the \ key is another character ‘、’ in chinese. I have to change the input method to english to input \ then change back.

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In Agenda14 it should also work if instead of the backslash key you type twice the character that is on the same key as the backslash character is located. So instead of typing \reminder you should also be able to type 、、reminder. Let me know if that works for you.

I have try 、、,but it didn’t work.

I use agenda 14 on macOS. I use chinese input method.
Maybe let user define to use \ or / will fit more situations.


@mekentosj , I would also request switching from ‘\’, to ‘/‘.

All of my other apps, including apps such as Discord use the ‘/‘, and Agenda is the only exception.

On a regular iPhone keyboard, ‘\’ also just needs more taps instead of ‘/‘, and this is another minor annoyance.


I agree with this, Logseq also uses ‘/‘, Newton mail uses ‘/‘ (for a couple of additional examples) and I find Agenda to be the exception using ‘’.

Apologies, either double backtick ``reminder or double Chinese period ··reminder, should work. Does that work for you?

We decided to avoid the forward slash as its a lot more common than the backslash, for example while typing paths and urls etc. For this reason we don’t have plans to switch to the forward slash at the moment.

+1 for forward slash , /

Thanks, it makes sense.

Although I don’t feel people are manually typing in paths or urls as much :slight_smile: It is a common use case that you have observed?

It works. Thanks.

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Notion, obsidian, whimsical and so on. All the software I use use / mostly. Only agenda use \ :smile: