Who designed Agenda’s icons? Especially the iOS/iPadOS set – but macOS has nice ones too.

Very pleasant and outstanding design for those.


Glad you like them. They were designed by an old friend of ours who worked a lot on Agenda for the first couple of years. Actually, the whole design is pretty much his: Marcello Luppi (Wrinkly Pea Design).

In fact, he was a bit too good. After he won the Apple Design Award for Agenda, he was offered a job by Apple. So we don’t have him anymore :frowning:


Thank you. Good design speaks about the thoughtfulness of the builders of the software. It matters.

Some of Luppi’s portfolio here:


All the way back to Mental Case.
Studies and findings as well!

Pity you had to let him go.

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We’ll get him back, I tell you. One way or the other…we’ll get him back!
(Evil laugh follows…) A haha hahaha haha!

Sssss! @wrinklypea might hear you…

And Apple also …

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Or join him, of course.
(plot thickens)