iCloud syncing options

What I did: i am trying to sync my devices (Mac and any of my two cellphones).

What happened: My computer is connected with an Apple ID and my cellphone is connected with another one. I have a celphone with the same Apple ID and icloud account as my computer, but couldn’t find the Agenda App on the Mexican App Store (the one with which i use the Mac Version). I found Agenda on the app store on my other celphone (the one with a US account). But, i can’t connect through icloud, since they are different icloud accounts.

What I expected: I am paying for the premium service, so would appreciate it if you can provide another way to sync (like others have suggested in other support forums that i already read).

Things that might be helpful to know (Agenda version, OS and model, etc): Agenda 2.2.1 and mobile app. macOS Sierra. Iphone 6 (Mex) and Iphone X (US).

Another solution would be providing Agenda in the Mexican iTunes Store.

Agenda should definitely be in the iTunes Mexican store. We offer it World Wide. Please check again.

Here is the link:

Actually that’s the link to the US app store, try this one for the mexican store:

Thank you!

I think it worked anyways when I clicked the first link. I already downloaded and synced.

Thank you for your help.


Great to hear, enjoy Isabel!