iCloud Sync works on 2 out of 3 devices

What I did: Logged into Agenda on an iPad with the same Apple ID as is logged in on my iPhone and MacBook then created a note.

What happened: The note does not sync to the iPhone or MacBook.

What I expected: The note to sync to the iPhone and MacBook.

The curious thing is that if I create notes on either my iPhone or MacBook, they sync to the iPad. Edits to notes on the iPad also do not sync to the iPhone or MacBook.

Things that might be helpful to know (Agenda version, OS and model, etc):

  • iPhone 14 Pro - iOS 17.2.1 - Agenda 18.3
  • iPad 7th generation - iOS 17.2 - Agenda 18.3
  • MacBook Pro M1 - macOS Sonoma 14.2.1 (23C71) - Agenda 18.3.1

All devices are configured to use iCloud Drive for syncing and are all logged in with the same Apple ID

It sounds to me like the new iPad hasn’t fully finished downloading all the data from the cloud for some projects. It won’t start uploading new changes until it is fully finished getting all the existing data from the cloud. This can explain why new data does download, but it doesn’t seem to upload.

Do you see the clouds moving in the islands icon if you open the right panel on iPad? If so, it indicates it is still syncing. Best to attach to power and turn off the autolock to stop the iPad sleeping, and let it fully sync. Once it has, it should be fast with sync again.

Ah, yes the cloud are still moving. I will try letting it sync with auto lock turned off. Thanks for the tip!

The syncing issue May reside with iCloud. I have had similar issues with the Notes app. I have been in contact with Apple support.

Here’s what happens on my iPad. The iPad doesn’t push to the cloud in notes.

The only way to sync in notes using my iPad is to produce the note in iCloud,

On my phone and on my computer in the Notes app, the app will push to the cloud and the cloud will push back.

There is a glitch in the push element in Notes in iOS and iPad iOS 17.2

I realize that Notes is different than Agenda , however the syncing issue is with iCloud not Agenda Agenda may want to talk to Apple as I’m doing on this issue.

Update to my previous rely to the syncing issue.
I just completed another one hour session with Apple support on my syncing issue with iOS 1.2 and iPad OS 17.2 and the Notes app.

We have determined there is a problem with those two OSs and iCloud.

Totally, understand Agenda and Notes are separate Apps. BUT, iCloud is used to move notes in both applications across devices.

So far, my Agenda Notes are syncing on all my devices. I caution there’s a burgeoning syncing issue with iCloud.

In my experience, sometimes iCloud can get some local corrupted data that stops it working. You might find that if you sign out of iCloud in settings app, and then sign in again with the same account, that it clears that problem data and everything works again.

@drewmccormack, I will try that today if letting the iPad sync for a while does not work. It had a good 3 hours to sync the other night and seems to go from showing the clouds for a few minutes to not showing the clouds and then showing the clouds again so I think something else is wrong (which points me in the direction of iCloud locally corrupting data on the iPad).

Thanks for the suggestions!

Hmm, OK, 3 hours is a long time. If you have a lot of data, it is possible, I guess. Otherwise, perhaps there is a problem.

Is there anything on the iPad that you need? If not, I would delete the app, and reinstall from the App Store. That will clear the local data and start the sync again. Hopefully, if there was corruption in the data, that will fix it.


Once I noticed the iPad wasn’t syncing correctly I stopped making updates from there so no, there is nothing on the iPad that needs to be recovered. 3 hours felt like a long time as well to me but I wanted to give it a chance since I have had an Agenda account for a while but stopped using it for a while and am now trying to get back into the habit of using it daily.

Unfortunately, even after reinstalling Agenda on the iPad I cannot get changes to sync over iCloud from the iPad to other devices. Changes still only sync to the iPad from my iPhone or MacBook Pro.

I also cannot get to the debug logs because the email option only supports the default Mail app on iOS and I am not using that :frowning:

Hey Drew
Thanks for the reply.
I’m into a deep dive in the iCloud issue with Apple support.

We have run diagnostics on all my devices and discovered the only one that is pushing to the cloud is my computer which is pretty old.
My iPhone, and my iPad both on iOS 17.2 do not push. The data has been forwarded to the engineers at Apple, and I await a resolution.

Best Regards
Bruce Winter

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Thanks for keeping us posted!

Still no resolution, Apple Engineers move a glacial speed, :thinking: well historic glacial speed.

Best Regards,
Bruce Winter

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