iCloud is globally disabled, but no indication in app

I downloaded Agenda on my work laptop, and wanted to use it in the future with my iPhone.

I purchased the app, and got syncing enabled.

There was no indication that the process didn’t work.

However: my work has (annoyingly) disabled iCloud globally (unbeknownst to me).

It would be useful that the app tell people that this feature isn’t working.

Thanks, Jim

Thanks. Probably a good idea, indeed, though you pretty quickly find out I guess :slight_smile:

Thanks for the feedback!


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I downloaded the app on my macbook and made all the changes I wanted to, then I downloaded also on my phone and I logged in with the same gmail account but what I did on my agenda app at my computer does not reflects on my iphone app. Should I create a new account with my iCloud mail?
I dónt understand but I just wanna have the connection between my phone and my laptop on the app.

Make sure you are signed in to iCloud on both devices with the same iCloud account. Note that this is different to your Agenda Account.

You also need to make sure iCloud Drive is turned on on both devices. This is in addition to signing in.