I would prefer if fonts weren’t mixed


Agenda is great! The UI in general is solid, however the mix of San Francisco (for sidebar and project titles) and Avenir (for note editor) feels disjointed and distracting - they don’t go super well together. I’d really prefer to just stick with one - IMO just SF app-wide would be best.


Thanks for the feedback. We originally started of with everything in SF but felt that it wasn’t a great font for reading your notes (large pieces of text). It’s great for UI though, everything Avenir felt like the app didn’t fit the system. Therefore we decided to make the divide where everything UI is SF and your content is in Avenir. That’s unlikely to change I’m afraid.

The notes themselves are content, and the sidebar is UI chrome.

At some point we will likely allow some customization of the editor font. At that point, you have different fonts for content and sidebar anyway. Can you imagine, for example, choosing a serif font, and have the sidebar change to that font? Would be very weird.

I think you just have to make the distinction between content and controls.


At some point we will likely allow some customization of the editor font.

At that point you are free to choose of course SF as your editor font :smiley:

BTW, I love the fonts just the way they are!

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+1 on don’t mixing simimlar looking fonts
also if you add customization, please add Courier, thanks!

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What is the schedule for this font customization feature? I’m loving Agenda so far. Only fonts need some improvement.

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Alas, no ETA yet, still on the list but other things have priority at this moment. Sorry I can’t be more specific at this point.

It’s been three years… I still want an option for Apple system default font.

It’s getting closer but still can’t promise an ETA I’m afraid.