I need to buy milk and walk the dog

How would you handle that in Agenda?

Think I’d probably put them in a note, maybe called Errands, On The Agenda & give them a calendar date for today :blush:

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Zoe is right. And put that Errands note “On the Agenda” (yellow dot), so it is very easy to find in the “On the Agenda” overview.


Thanks, what project would you put it in?

I created a project called “errands / tasks” and I have several notes in that project with checklists

I was initially planning to put it in my Household Project & tag it with today’s date, but then to allow for quick & easy access I decided to try putting it in a Category of its own.

To make sure it stays below my #Goals & #Inbox, which I have first & second, I’ve called it #Shopping/Errands, which keeps it one place above my Key Area Categories & lets me get at it (or notice what I’ve put on it) quickly. I’ve also put it On The Agenda & tagged it with today’s date, so hopefully that will work as an effective prompt.

Which method you use, or whether you find another one entirely, may well depend on how many errands you have to deal with. I can well believe not everyone will feel the need to give theirs a whole Category, but if, like me, someone is responsible for housekeeping & isn’t naturally good at it, a separate Category might be a useful way of keeping upcoming errands organized & under control :blush:

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I have a project called “Errands’ too, under a category called ‘Personal’.