I left Agenda…

Yesterday I decided to delete the Agenda app. After working with Agenda for more than 2 years, my conclusion is that Apple Notes is easier to the eyes, and does everything I need.

In time Agenda has become too complex and not my tool for notes anymore.

This is just my feedback for the way I used Agenda.


Sorry to see you go Willem, but if Apple Notes works better for you then that’s the way to go. :+1:


I did not delete yet the Agenda app from my Apple devices but I do not use it anymore…
Too complex is the main reason.

Quite interesting.
I’m new (actually returning and now paying) user because Agenda IS complex enough for my needs now and I can’t wait to see the new things which are in the pipeline.

Keep up the great work, guys! :+1:


Great to hear Akuro!

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How do you link project notes to meetings on your calendar using apple notes or evernote or notion or any other app? I’ve gone through tons of note taking apps, and nothing works better than Agenda for linking calendar events to notes and projects in a simple and efficient manner. Maybe not everyone has my need, but so far I have not found better than Agenda. So keep the good work guys!! :muscle:


Ah. I dominantly use Apple Notes and Calendar as well. The main reason I keep Agenda around is due to its ability to connect to those native apps and mainly Agenda’s ability to plot out projects that can be weeks-months or more in planning. No other app I’ve tried ( which is about all) has been as thorough. All other apps seem to attempt to put reminders and notes and Calendars inside of their app but I don’t need those due to dominantly using apple native calendar, notes, and reminders. I don’t really touch Agenda until big projects and planning is needed. Everything is goes to natives.


Considero a App agenda muito interessante e desejo continuar a usá-la por muito tempo. De facto, tornar-se complexa ao longo das atualizações sai fora daquilo que se pretende de uma App simples de usar e intuitiva. Desejo muito que os programadores nunca ignorem esse ponto.

This is what i have decided to use Agenda for. Apple notes is great for keeping track of my service calls and “sharing” them to my team. I can also use home screen shortcuts to start a new template. So that’s easier. But for keeping track of long running projects Agendas got it!


I am behooved to agree with the majority here, regarding the point that @Akuro detailed so nicely. IMHO, Agenda is a phenomenal and well rounded tool that offers me the right mix of complexity to become my ‘central hub’ of sorts. If anything, I could see additional features only making my life (and I’m being quite literal here) far easier! It allows me to divide my tasks into just the right area of my life on a continuum that any one app used alongside Agenda could simply not work on its own.

For example, my calendar is just that, a calendar, but I could easily link a specific event to a note in Agenda that helps me remember specifics, or conversely add a checklist that could be used when the event comes up.

Tasks could easily be managed on my daily task list where I also highlight important thoughts or aspects of a given day. My ‘Daily Tasks’ project is a daily flow of events, but the daily tasks take up 80% of this space. It’s nice to see what I got done, need to get done, and any special remarks of a specific day all in the same place.

I further subdivide tasks into areas of responsibility such as family, personal finance, and even medical needs for myself and my family. I simply move those items to my daily list as needed and try to get them done that day. If I don’t get everything done at the end of the day, I could easily copy and paste the handful of tasks into the next day’s list, and so on. Ironically, this methodology taught me a great deal of patience as I now clearly see “there’s always tomorrow or the next day to get things done.”

It completely replaced my journal as that’s even divided up into daily thoughts or entries when I could write them down, but I keep a separate ‘project’ for gratitude.

By now I’m sure it’s easy to see how Agenda acts as a second brain per se, containing everything from daily checklists to shopping lists to tech fixes — each tucked nicely into its own ‘project.’ No other app could offer me the flexibility, the integration, or even ease of use! It is an awesome tool for those like me with ADHD (or ADD) that need a certain aspect of rigidity in their lives.

I do use Apple Notes on my iPad for one thing. It’s an excellent place to jot down a quick thought or something in the moment. I either subsequently keep it, copy it to the ‘right’ home in Agenda, or just delete it.

The team is doing a phenomenal job maintaining and adding onto such a wonderful application. I’m really impressed how they take their time and don’t rush feature updates. They have the patients of saints, and the result is putting out an excellent app. Is Agenda for everyone? No, nothing is, but if you take the time to ‘dig in,’ there is a lot of powerful features that tend to reduce much headache.

One more thing, I categorize my projects with “PARA,” making every aspect fit into one of its categories, which are Projects, Areas of responsibility, Resources, and an Archive for older or completed items. Each category and subcategory are color coded to make them easier to find, and I put an emoji in the title of the projects that fall under it, e.g. the :shopping: for my Shopping List, a :page_facing_up: for Software Licenses, a :receipt: for Personal Finance, a :card_index_dividers: for Resources, etc. For me the system works… very well!

The one thing I would absolutely love to see added is integration with Contacts, so tagging a name could open up that contact, or searching for a contact could bring up all notes relevant to that contact. That would be the ONE thing I would like to see most!

I apologize for the long ‘rant,’ but I truly believe in this app, and if a flexible system is personalized around it, nothing can replace it. At least thats my current view about 8 months in. I do get that it’s not for everyone, but firmly believe that it would work for most users. So, devs, please add my feature (proper contact integration) to the list, hopefully for the near future; otherwise, much respect and appreciation for your fine (and well thought out) work! :fist:

All the best,

Jay :v::blue_heart:


For me Alan, it’s a simple drag and drop to the calendar app. I use Agenda exclusively on iPadOS/iOS, but am pretty sure the functionality is the same on a Mac. I literally drag and drop my note from Agenda into the notes or details on a specific event. The result is creating a x-callback URL that will ‘round trip’ the event back to your note in Agenda. It also works fine with non-native calendar apps as I enjoy using Calendars 5 by Readdle. To make it even more interesting that third party app is linked to my Google calendar — and it still works just fine!

Was that what you were looking for? Let me know if otherwise and I’ll see if I have an answer, but the devs and community are very active, so ask away, and you should get answers.




Wow, I’d consider that the exact opposite of a rant, thank you so much for your kind words! Contact integration is definitely on the list and we’ll keep doing our best improving Agenda!

It always hurts a bit when you see the words “I left Agenda…”, but as you say it’s OK to conclude “I tried and Agenda is not for me”, moreover it’s easy to just leave silently so the more we appreciate you all took the time to give us your opinion. In the end it a significant part of us trying to make Agenda better with each update! :+1:

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@mekentosj the pleasure is all mine! You see, I specialized in software engineering when I did my undergrad, I worked on a few pieces of software over the years, and I know both the complexities that continually arise throughout the SDLC as well as the fact that ‘you can’t please everyone all of the time’ no matter how much you’d really like to. It’s just not practical!

It’s been some time now since I actively worked on a software development project, but I notice and appreciate the hard work behind the software as I use it each day. Many end-users will never get to experience the headache of fixing a buggy class well into the caffeine riddled hours of the following morning as you try not not break another function while removing said bugs. I guess that gives me a certain appreciation for the quality software that I do use as I know that stability comes at a huge cost. BTW, I meant that last sentence proverbially, but thank you for keeping the literal price (for premium) continuously reasonable!

On that note, I use Agenda day in and day out, and I don’t recall a single crash, even when there’s apps open galore and I’m pushing my device’s (iPad Pro 10.5”) memory limits. Sure, it may slow down a little, but my whole iPad does, and that’s on the constraints of the iPad alone. Nothing a quick restart won’t handle while taking five anyway!

One question did pop into my mind while writing this, but it’s best suited in a new thread. The important thing is that I don’t mind minor inconveniences so much when I consider the hell your team was up against (and the odds not being in your favor) when setting up your own licensing server infrastructure, tying it into a freemium product, and continuing to support this beast for the long haul!

I seriously have nothing, but respect, for you and the entire team making this all possible! I really can’t wait to see how you’ll integrate contacts into the app, and check back regularly to see when new features are being added.

And… that’s why the pleasure is truly all mine!
Keep up the conjuring and the wizardry!




I have come to Agenda 3 months ago from Cultured Code’s Things 3 which is inadequate for managing projects - Agenda looks like the answer. (had been playing with TickTick, but too unreliable syncing.)

Linkage made possibble by Agenda is I am finding just, well, superb! Syncing is tops.

Via reminders I can link to-dos with Things 3 automatically. I use Apple Notes for single notes not project connected. but Agenda now brings everything together fast becoming my ‘hub’. All single non-oproject related ‘to-dos’, reminders etc all still in Things 3 where I uste heirarchical tags and suspect they will remain. This is starting to work for me like a marriage made in heaven :wink:

Heirarchical tags are importance-urgency ASAP, NOW, CURRENT, NEXT, SOMETIME SOON + Gardening, Research, Recreation, Friends, Workshop, Business …. I use them in Agenda as well.

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Just came back to Agenda after more than 1 year away. Found features lacking, speed issues, etc. Developers listened and made a lot of improvement since then, and I am very happy to be back :+1:


Welcome back, very happy to hear that!