I left Agenda…

Yesterday I decided to delete the Agenda app. After working with Agenda for more than 2 years, my conclusion is that Apple Notes is easier to the eyes, and does everything I need.

In time Agenda has become too complex and not my tool for notes anymore.

This is just my feedback for the way I used Agenda.


Sorry to see you go Willem, but if Apple Notes works better for you then that’s the way to go. :+1:


I did not delete yet the Agenda app from my Apple devices but I do not use it anymore…
Too complex is the main reason.

Quite interesting.
I’m new (actually returning and now paying) user because Agenda IS complex enough for my needs now and I can’t wait to see the new things which are in the pipeline.

Keep up the great work, guys! :+1:


Great to hear Akuro!

How do you link project notes to meetings on your calendar using apple notes or evernote or notion or any other app? I’ve gone through tons of note taking apps, and nothing works better than Agenda for linking calendar events to notes and projects in a simple and efficient manner. Maybe not everyone has my need, but so far I have not found better than Agenda. So keep the good work guys!! :muscle:


Ah. I dominantly use Apple Notes and Calendar as well. The main reason I keep Agenda around is due to its ability to connect to those native apps and mainly Agenda’s ability to plot out projects that can be weeks-months or more in planning. No other app I’ve tried ( which is about all) has been as thorough. All other apps seem to attempt to put reminders and notes and Calendars inside of their app but I don’t need those due to dominantly using apple native calendar, notes, and reminders. I don’t really touch Agenda until big projects and planning is needed. Everything is goes to natives.

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Considero a App agenda muito interessante e desejo continuar a usá-la por muito tempo. De facto, tornar-se complexa ao longo das atualizações sai fora daquilo que se pretende de uma App simples de usar e intuitiva. Desejo muito que os programadores nunca ignorem esse ponto.

This is what i have decided to use Agenda for. Apple notes is great for keeping track of my service calls and “sharing” them to my team. I can also use home screen shortcuts to start a new template. So that’s easier. But for keeping track of long running projects Agendas got it!

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