I don’t understand the pricing system

I’m contemplating buying the Premium version. The way I understood it, is that all features will be unlocked for lifetime and new features introduced within the next 12 months will be unlocked as well. My question was whether afterwards each feature gets its own price? Rn I’m paying 14.99€ for the full version. Let’s say after the year of support, do I pay 14.99€ for the first feature that comes out or do I pay maybe 3-5€ for each subsequent feature?
Would appreciate an answer :smiley:

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That’s indeed exactly how it works.

No, after the 12 months are up it works exactly as before, if you purchase (same price as the previous purchase) you will get all features you don’t yet have at that moment plus everything that will come out in the 12 months following your purchase. Of course it’s up to you when you renew, if you don’t want to do so immediately you are free to wait until enough new features have accumulated that you feel are worth the price.

For more info and details see:

Thanks for the swift reply! Then I’ll try it out for a few more days to see whether I can stick to incorporating it into my workflow and, depending on the result, upgrade. Also kudos to you for providing such an application :slight_smile:


It’s pretty common for people to tilt their heads at the pricing at first - it’s not a unique system, but it is uncommon.

My experience is that at the end of the year, you’ll have a very clear idea of whether you want to sign up for another year. You also don’t have to renew immediately - you can wait until it’s worth it to pay again.

Best of all, you keep anything you paid for. You don’t have to keep paying a subscription to keep your data.

So, pay whenever you think it’s worth it, rest easy knowing that you’ll keep all those features, and you’ll likely get some new useful features over the next year.

It’s a great system, even though it seems a bit odd at first.


I have to admit – I like this system very much. I consider it as a golden mean between freemium and subscription. Even though I haven’t tested it yet (basic features are within scope of my current needs), it seems to be closest to my notion of fair deal.


Yep, the best pricing model out there; better than any ever.
You get all the current and next 12 months of premium features, plus all the new free features (even past 12 months) “forever” ; even keeps on working through OS upgrades. No other software (that I’ve seen) offers this kind of deal, but wish they all did.

Funny, I bought it at first just because I love the pricing model, and the reasons they gave for choosing it. I know they had to do significant extra work to make it work, and it would have been easier to just follow the subscription trend. That too added a greater appreciation.

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