I do not see the search queries in the intelligent overview

I have been experimenting a lot with the new search and have come across a problem that is actually limiting me.

  • I have created a search query with several parameters and filters.
  • The created search query is saved as an intelligent overview under a short name.
  • And then later simply forget the parameters used in the search.
  • Now I would like to change, correct or refine this search query, but this is no longer possible.

It’s a bit special, but do do I actually have to recreate the search query each time?

I can of course leave the long name of the created overview and thus track the parameters, but names that are too long are cut off in the left bar.


Not everything is visible here either (on the iPhone or iPad)

Have I overlooked something or does anyone have an idea?

Thank you!

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Being able to edit queries later would be helpful!


+1 for this feature

Give the tag manager a new baby brother or sister in the form of a drop-down list of custom searches to select one and also edit in.

We have some ideas in this direction, however, the easiest “workaround” is to give the name of the overview something that is more descriptive in remembering what the search would do of course :smiley:

Yes, you’re absolutely right, but for me it’s a big challenge to find such universal names. However, this is more of a personal and minor problem.

The new variety of search options now actually requires better organisation of the smart overviews. I already lack the option of organising them into subcategories, for example. But I’m sure there is a user-friendly and simple solution for this.:smiley:

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I haven’t really looked into how or if it could be useful but the user created overviews are linkable and links can be renamed!

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I haven’t discovered that yet. It could be an alternative solution for me. Thanks for the tip :+1:t3: