I can only see all day events

What I did: Only see all day events in the calendar feed

What happened: Tried signing out and back in again, choosing all calendars, and then only two calendars.

What I expected:

Things that might be helpful to know (Agenda version, OS and model, etc):

Are these events shown in the regular Calendar app?

Yes, it is very odd. Only the all day events are showing up in the Agenda calendar. I reset the Agenda app, signed out and signed back in, check the calendars that were syncing,… could not think of anything else to try

Thank you


If you see the events in Apple’s Calendar app, they should also appear in Agenda. If not, try quitting and relaunching the Calendar app, and maybe even restarting the computer. Let us know if that helps.

Turned off the computer last night. Same issue this morning. Very odd,… How can I completely uninstall Agennda, then reinstall it?

Thank you for your help. Love this application, so really motivated to get it working again.


Tried completely uninstalling and reinsttling the app this morning. Still only see the All Day events. Very strange,…


Interestingly, I also have the Agenda app installed on my macbook air. Agenda on my Air looks great, and all the events are listed. Only on my Macbook pro are the events missing,…


Hi Steve,

Have you checked in the accounts tab whether perhaps your calendar accounts needs verification? Are these iCloud or Google calendars?

Syncing 1 icloud and one exchange calendar. How do I check to ensure verification?

Thank you very much for all the help!