HTML Export

Hi there,

I notice on the website that it’s possible to export content as HTML, but I’m not seeing how that’s possible within the app.

Am I missing something?


This is currently only available under Edit > Copy As > HTML

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I’ve tried to copy as HTML and then I’ve pasted it to a text editor, but none of the images attached to the document appear (neither an tag).

Isn’t Agenda capable of adding images when exporting to HTML (the same occurs when exporting to markdown; olny text is available).

Thank you @mekentosj

No, images are not included indeed as the HTML is purely the text of the note. It would be very complicated to do images right as these would anyway not be accessible to 99% of the use cases. For example, if you paste the HTML in a webpage, that webpage would not be able to access the images unless as part of the export we would upload it somewhere, which goes way beyond the scope Agenda.