How you people use tags in Agenda?


i wonder how you people use tag system in Agenda, given Search All feature and saved searches. what extra value do tags give in navigation/notes organization?

I can mark a person as #lead. I can then search for all leads without including notes like “buy new lead for the dog"

so you don’t even need to use a hashtag for it, all your notes will appear (and gather in custom search) if you just mention that word

I’m wondering, actually, if there is a way to turn tags and people off in Agenda?

Use case: OmniFocus (as of latest beta) can parse TaskPaper format through Shortcuts. This means I can write full defined (tags, dates, flags) tasks online in my Agenda content. Because this all relies on use of @, Agenda makes it look kinda weird by treating all that text and for, in my case, an unintended purpose.

Alternatively, maybe the notation for people in Agenda could be set differently? Like @@ instead of @?



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Actually, I realized I can do this the other way around and replace @@ with @ in my parsing.

So nevermind :joy:

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I use tags extensively, relying on smart groups to do my sorting for me. It works really well with DEVONthink. I didn’t know you could select & send tasks to OmniFocus using tags as well (have been using MindNode which parses out tasks really elegantly). Personally I would like to be able to append tags to Agenda items rather than making a note appear messy, this would replicate the way MailTags does things & make my workflows more consistent.