How to use for graduate school

Does anyone have any suggestions on how to make the most of Agenda to keep up with grad school things?

I haven’t used it for grad school, mainly because I went through grad school about 30 years ago :slight_smile:

Some things I can think of that you could use Agenda for based on my past experience:

  • Make notes for various topics, and track bibliographic info of articles and references there, including links
  • For really important articles, you could make a separate note, put your own ideas about the article in there, and even attach the PDF file to the note
  • For lectures and courses, you could make a project for each one, and then one note per lecture. If it seems the notes will get too big, you could instead make a category for the course, and make one project for each lecture, perhaps with various notes in the project

Hopefully there will be others with some advice too.

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Not been in grad school for a while either! But I think it may be helpful to think about three simultaneous things you probably need to do.

First, keeping straightforward notes of your lectures etc. Use categories for each course and notes each lecture.

Second, assignments. Perhaps a subcategory in each course, with a project for each assignment. Use notes to sketch out ideas and plans. If your assignments are mainly written, use a subcategory for each assignment, with one or more projects for your notes and one project for your actual written submission. Here each note is a section of your paper, and you can drag them to reorder etc, and export the whole project as one file for submission or final editing in another app.

Three is where it gets interesting: keeping track of the concepts you are learning across all courses and the links between them. Set up a category for a Zettelkasten - search the forum for a few posts on this.

Hope this provides food for thought.

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