How to use Agenda to contact one person / day?

Say I have a list of 50 people. I want to contact one person on that list each day, in order. So after 50 days, I’ve contacted everyone and I’m back to the first person and will start again.

How could I set up a workflow in Agenda to go straight to the next due person each day?

I doesn’t necessarily have to be automated: I could use a tag or OTA or Done etc to see who’s next. It’s important the sequence is preserved. (I don’t want to use due dates or reminders, because I simply want to keep the sequence going, even if I miss a day - I don’t want a whole lot of reminders backing up if I miss a day.)

Any ideas?

An extra complication is that I will add new people to the list from time to time.

Make a list with one item per person. Contact the first person on the list. Move their name to the bottom. It will eventually cycle around.

Your list could be a normal list inside of a note, or a list of notes.

Personally, I would make a checklist of the people, and check off one each day. Probably put the whole note on-the-agenda so I don’t forget. If I need more people, I just add to the end. When the whole list is done, I select all, and use Edit > Checklist > Mark All as Unchecked.

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