How to update to Agenda18?

What I did: Received email about update 18

Just want to know how to update. I have got 16.1 (including premium) and to update, do I just download version 18 and place it in the apps-folder instead of the old one, or…?


What version of macOS are you on?

I am on Ventura 13.5

In that case the easiest is to just download the latest version of Agenda from the Mac App Store.

Can we please update the cask version in homebrew?. For some of us out there our employers doesn’t allow iCloud accounts on our work Macs so for us best option is to manage updates using homebrew.

Thank you! - So I just place the downloaded new version in the apps-folder… and nothing else? - and all my notes and projects etc. will still be here?

Yes, you can just drag the downloaded app to the Applications folder, replacing any existing copy of the app. Your data is not stored directly in the app, so when you launch, it should still be there.

I’m not sure who made the homebrew version. It is not an official version, so we don’t update it.

It could be that it has updated now, as I just updated our off-store version yesterday to 18.0.1.

That version is still not updated on homebrew. Maybe some other process is to update it.

But thank you for updating it off-store. I will download the updated one for now using the download link.

Probably. Like I say, we have nothing to do with the homebrew version. I’m not sure who put that there, but they would have to update it.