How to sync sync between work and personal devices

Hi team,

I love using Agenda for organizing my life in a better way for last one year.
I use to use it for planning my work life as well as my personal life and the way I use to do was that I use to plan my work in advance at my home from my personal laptop.
Earlier everything was working like charm because I was using my personal apple Id with my work Macbook Air and my personal Macbook Pro.
But after that I restored my work laptop and I planned to separate all my personal things from my work laptop because I didn’t like my personal data lying on my work laptop because of iCloud but it created a problem that I was no more able to plan my work at home and sync things on Agenda with my work and personal laptop.

I tried using Dropbox for sync but it’s not working.
I mean I saw a folder getting create at my dropbox but I don’t see my notes anywhere else except my personal laptop. Neither on my personal iPhone nor my work laptop. Once it came to my phone but it was because of iCloud not because of Dropbox.

Please help…

Dropbox should work, but it is somewhat slower than iCloud. My recommendation would be to let the devices run for an hour or so connected to power. That should given them time to upload and download data. After that, the sync should be much faster.

If you do want to use iCloud, one option is to setup a second account on your Mac, with iCloud set to the other account. You can then sync in that Mac account. Downside is you have to switch between Mac accounts to use Agenda :frowning: