How to stop links being renamed?

What I did:
paste a url, like
TitleOfTheURL Some Description

What happened:
Authentication is needed, the url will be redirected to an authentication server, and the text of the url will be changed automatically.

TitleOfTheAuthServerURL Some Description

What I expected:
Dont automatically fetch and change my url title, I dont need this feature :frowning:

Things that might be helpful to know (Agenda version, OS and model, etc):

Can you give us some concrete examples of real world links, perhaps we can exclude some patterns automatically from being renamed.

Having said that, there are two solutions in this case. If the link has already changed to Sign in, the workaround is to right-click > Edit Link , then change the display text, or choose Display as Full URL in the inspector.

To prevent that this happens with newly pasted links you can first type a backslash character ( \ ) and then paste the link, this too will keep the link as is.

Sorry that our links cannot be visited from outside of our company, just a regular CAS server redirection. But it’s odd that google doc’s link won’t be auto renamed with 'Google Drive: Sign-in’ without signed in.

I wonder if there can be a switch to turn this feature off in Agendar’s Preferences panel.

The right-click > Edit Link way is driving me crazy…

That’s indeed because we recognise the pattern for some sites already, having concrete examples of links where renaming is unwanted helps us recognise more of them. Having said that, I’ve now added a more generic recognition of sign in and log in pages, which hopefully makes things a lot more reliable however. It should become part of the final 14.1 update, due out soon.

An HTTP code 30x should mean: Don’t change my link text, I guess.
Looking forward 14.1 any way, thanks for your quick reply. @mekentosj

Maybe a better UX would be to have a preference that lets you set whether or not to convert URLs? I’m in a similar situation, and I prefer leaving my links as full URLs.

We’ll think of something, thanks for the feedback.