How to show backlink of project

‘[[‘ can make project’s link. but I can’t show backlink in project.


How to show all note and project in category?

You can’t view all notes in a category at this point, just a project.

Backlinks appear in the related notes section on the right. So if you select a note, the backlinks will be in that section. You can jump to any note that links to the selected note.

Note that on Mac there’s a workaround in that you can shift/command select multiple projects to show all notes in one overview.

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I know note’s backlink, but I want to view project’s backlink. Is it possible?
When I make project’s link in note, if select project name, ‘Related Notes’ is empty.
For example, if write a reading note, I want to make a book name a project and link the book name to another note. So the function of looking at the backlink of the project is essential.

That isn’t possible I’m afraid, we’ll think about it.

If you do not want to create a long notes, it is necessary.

We’ll try to get it into the next update.

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