How to set alternative character for # [solved]

On my UK MacOS keyboard # is typed with alt-3, whereas on the Microsoft Universal Keyboard I use with my iPad, # has a key which requires no modifier. The ease and speed of having direct access to # for setting headings and tags is a revelation.

It would be great if there was an option in Agenda for Mac to map a key of the users choice to create #. For example, I have this § character (top left, below esc) which needs no modifier and I’ve never used.

[pause for some googling - and some thought]

I’ve just realised that I can use System Preferences > Keyboard > Text to set this myself system-wide. (I actually use various Text settings, but it never occurred to me I could substitute just one character for another!)

Faster typing is on its way!

(Although my feature request is now redundant, I’ll still post this in case it’s useful to other people)

Thanks for posting the solution :smiley: