How to search for notes entered after a certain date

I’m trying to export all the notes that I entered in agenda after a certain date.

If I can’t export them, it would be great to just do a filter so I can see all of them.

Can anyone tell me how to do this?


There is no filter on creation date yet, I’m afraid. We only offer filters on the date that you have attached to the notes.

If you want the later, select Search All, click the calendar button next to the search field, and select a date range into the future. To do this on the Mac, click the first date, and then go to the last date and hold shift and click that. On iOS you have to tap and hold the first date, and drag to the last date.

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This is possibly a silly question but seems to be related.
I started using Agenda before I fully found out the best way to use it…
Is there any way to find out the created/modified date of a particular note, please?
I was just creating notes, thinking that there was some kind of date field in there somewhere. I’ve now come back to using it as think it will fit my workflow, but would really like to work out the dates when I created some of the notes, as they have relevance to the timeframe of when they were created.
For example, I have some notes that I previously created on subject X when no-one else was talking about the subject. I would like to work out WHEN I wrote then to get the context of the note.
Does that make sense?

I guess I could sit there and filter in cycles but that seems a little crazy….

[to add a bit more context]
none of the notes I originally created had a date set, by me on them. I assumed that this was being tracked somewhere in the back of the system. And it has to be as you can order notes by date…

Many thanks…

There is a creation date internally, but we haven’t exposed that in the interface yet. We do plan to do it at some point.

If you are really determined to find out, you could try this:

  1. Select the project or notes
  2. Export them as an Agenda file
  3. Change the file extension from .agenda to .zip
  4. Double click the file to unpack it
  5. Find the file Data.json.
  6. Move through the file. Use “title” to find notes, and the creation date should be nearby.

This is pretty nasty, but if it is really important to you, it would be a way to do it.

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