How to search and replace in Editor (Mac)?

I wounder how I could search and replace in a note?

It this function really not existing?


We don’t support find and replace at the moment I’m afraid, perhaps in a future update.

For a note taking app it’s somewhat odd that this feature is missing. I would really love to see it.

Noted, we’ll do our best to add it at some point, no promises regarding when though I’m afraid.


I want—so, badly—to submit a PR to make this feature a reality.

I just went to replace text and couldn’t! Could this feature please be added? :slight_smile:

Really supprised me that a global search and replace text is missing. Just wanted to clean up tags with search replace, but no luck.

Please add this feature

Yeah. I love Agenda. But let’s be honest about how sad this is. How is it that that in 2020 a leading Mac app has no search and replace? This feature has been around since I started using computers back in the 1980s.

Here’s what we need:

  1. Search/replace in a note
  2. Global search/replace

I love all the new features. But this one should have been there from the beginning.

Keep in mind that Agenda is not a text editor, it’s a note taking app, which means it’s not as high of a priority as some other things, sorry.