How to reset password

What I did: downloaded app on new Mac air and iOs

What happened:couldn’t login, forgot passord

What I expected: that I could reset password

Things that might be helpful to know (Agenda version, OS and model, etc): How do I reset my password so I can use the features I paid for on all devices…

You can reset your password in the Agenda Preferences. Click Sign Out first, then enter your email. There should be a reset button, which will send you a new password.

We have added the ability to choose a new password yourself, and that will be in our next minor release very soon.

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Hi Drew, was this ability finally added?
I cannot find the way to change my community password…

Hi, is there a way to change my username?

The community password is the same as the one of your agenda account, which you can reset from the preferences in the app.

You mean your “scholar” username or your email address? The former you can change if you click on your profile icon in the top right corner, the latter you would have to contact and tell us your current and desired address.


I’ve tried, but there is no ‘edit’ button to change my username ‘scholar’.

My problem is solved. Thank you Alexander.

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Hi can you please tell me how did you finally do to change the username? I cannot find a way…

If you send me a direct message on the forum or email with what you’d like to change it to I can do it for you.

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