How to quickly get out of a checkbox list?


love the app so far!

I create a lot of lists and lists with checkboxes. Anyway to quickly get out of a list? Hitting backspace doesn’t seem to get you out of the list mode. I tried holding TAB+[ but that doesn’t work either.

I find it tedious to hover over to left click on the small dot to the left of the line to style the checkbox to a header or even a normal text line.

Backspace should certainly work, at least when you are at the start of a new item. Ie press return to get a new item, then backspace. You should now be in body text.

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My suggestion would be to also use the approach that is used in Apple Notes and Apple Mail (and in muscle memory ;-))

Press enter after a bullet list item and on the new empty line press enter again to remove the bullet. Quick, easy and consistent with other apps.

Hey Markus,

It doesn’t escape out of the checklist. Once I start a checklist, I hit enter and it adds a line break but still keeps the checkbox on the new line where my cursor is.

Correct! I was merely suggesting that the Agenda team would implement it this way :wink:

AH! Yes! That would be perfect!

Implemented in the current version. PERFECT! :slight_smile: