How to password protect Agenda?

I am a little disappointed that even with the release 11 there is no end to end encryption :(. For now, I am using Standard Notes and Day One for keeping end to end encrypted notes. However, Agenda has a great date based note-taking system that I just cannot utilize until there is end to end encryption. I am hoping we will all get to see and use the feature soon.

This is definitely in the roadmap. Unfortunately, we have quite a few things in that roadmap, and can’t get to it all in the short term. Will certainly get to it sooner or later.

Aside: I don’t think Apple Notes is truly end-to-end encrypted, in the sense that Apple has the keys, and can read your data. For true e2e encryption, you would supply a key, and that would be used for encryption, so Apple could also not read your data. (Note that this must be true, because Apple Notes appear in the Notes web app, which means they can access the contents of your notes.)

All of iCloud is encrypted, though apple have the keys. That is also true of Agenda. We use iCloud, so the data is encrypted in transit and in the cloud, but in theory a rogue employee at Apple could access the data. So that is not true e2e encryption.

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I love the idea of protecting individual notes. 75% of my Agenda items can be seen by anyone but there are a handful of notes that would make me more comfortable if they were protected. My opinion on protecting at the app level is that it is overkill for me but I can see the value in general.

Thanks for the feedback! We will take it on board.

I don’t know how you want to implement this, here are two possibilities I would find interesting for me personally:

  • Password protection for a specific project or category
  • Password protection for any note that has been assigned a specific tag (#secret)

This would keep my wife from finding out about my idea for birthday or Christmas presents… :wink:

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I think when we do it, we would probably allow locking of notes, but not based on tag per se, but just manually selecting the option for a note.

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Locking our main screen is one thing until someone else needs to use our ipad, like children, significant other, friend, ect. I love Agenda in almost every way but I find myself using it for only a couple things because of 2 things. 1 being a password or fingerprint unlock for the app or for a certain Project itself. End to end encryption is not necessary for most people because if they are dealing with things that need that in the first place they probably have that set up i the first place on their device or however that works. Other Apps like Notebook you can protect any specific notebook with a password, and others like TickTick you can protect from the app itself. This is a common protection that many apps have now and very necessary for #Agenda #PasswordProtection. The only other issue that is major is being able to access this outside of my ipad, I have a PC and an Android. At the least make Agenda accessible via WEB.

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I just wonder, is it very difficult to implement a lock for the whole app?! I have several apps which I can use only after using TouchID. Not locking/unlocking a note itself (like in Apple Notes).
I guess it was already mentioned somewhere.

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We would like to do these things. They are in the roadmap.

Most people these days have their own devices, and have those protected, which makes protecting individual apps less useful. The only time you really need protection on individual apps is when you share a device. But how do you then protect your email etc? Presumably there are lots of apps that have sensitive information you wouldn’t want your kids accessing.

My point is not that we won’t do this, but just that it is not an issue for many people, because the devices are locked.

E2E encryption can be an issue, because without it, many people can’t sync. It isn’t allowed by their employer. (This is not a characteristic of the system. This really us up to the individual apps.)

A web app sounds simple, but is an enormous undertaking. It would require us to move our whole native app to the cloud. To give you an idea, we have been working on the native apps now for about 4 years, and still have a lot to do which has been planned from day 1. We would like to do this, but it is a major undertaking.

Appreciate the feedback.


Especially in our household it is like this: Everyone has their own iPhone, but there is an iPad, which all family members use, including grandma and child. In this particular case, it actually makes sense to protect Agenda, because the data from my iPhone is synchronized with the iPad.

And as I have already written above: Therefore I cannot keep a list of possible Christmas and birthday presents in Agenda — and this is just one example of things I can’t do in Agenda.

Sure, I realize iPads often end up like this. My question is what you do with email etc. Just risk it?

I actually think this is Apple dropping the ball. If an iPad could have different users, it would be a solved problem. It is kind of crazy that every app has to add their own authentication mechanism. You literally have to type a different password for each app.

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On our iPad I didn‘t configure mail apps or any messengers at all. These are only active on my mobile and my Mac.
You‘re right, it is Apple to blame that they have „forgotten“ multi user possibilities in iOS / iPadOS. I am looking forward to v20 or the like…

In the meantime I am glad that you think about to build in a protection somehow.
This feature isn‘t on top of my whishlist, but I must admit it would be nice to have.