How to move from Dropbox to iCloud for syncing

I am using Dropbox today, would would like to move to iCloud to sync between devices. What is the best way to do that and keep my content?


As I understand it, “syncing” basically means storing an up-to-date copy of the data in different places.

So, the data is already on your phone, and there’s a copy on Dropbox.

If I understand your question correctly, all you need to do is go into Agenda’s settings and where it says “sync: Dropbox”, tap where it says Dropbox and select “iCloud”.

Assuming you have an iCloud account and are signed in, that’s all you need to do - Agenda will so the work of setting up syncing, and you don’t have to do anything else.

If I’ve completely misunderstood your question, please forgive me - I’ve been in the depths of Covid brain fog for months, but hopefully this does answer what you needed


This is what I tried, but unfortunately, it does not work. It seems like it is pulling an old data set from iCloud Drive, but I cannot find how to delete that and get it replaced by the stuff on Dropbox. iCloud Drive does not show anything related to Agenda.

To delete old data in the cloud, start with the app syncing via iCloud, and switch sync to off. The app should ask you at that point I you want to remove the cloud data. Do that.

Then, turn the sync back on after a few minutes and wait for the upload to finish.

Note that the way Agenda stores data, it includes a history. You may see old versions of notes appear temporarily, and change as it continues to sync into the latest version. That is normal.

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