How to make note in agenda appear in calendar

Hi there,
What I did:
Created a note and synced w Calendar

What I Expected:
I thought this was working before, but I can’t seem to be able to have my notes (bullet points, text) in Agenda appear in my mac calendar. Only the title of the Agenda note appeared.

Am i missing something here? How do I get the notes in Agenda to appear in my Calendar?

What I used:
Agenda for Mac 5.2(74); Calendar for Mac version 9



This is on purpose, we don’t sync your Agenda notes back into the Calendar, only the other way. The reason is that calendar notes are often synced/shared with other people and it would therefore be very easy to unintentionally share your notes with other people. One exception might be to opt-in to insert the notes into the calendar when you create a new event, we’ll think about adding that option. For instance if you would want to share a meeting agenda with other invitees.

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Right. Got it.

The opt-in insert sounds like a BRILLIANT high utility idea!

So from my calendar app (iOS), how do I easily get brought back to Agenda and the corresponding notes that I’ve created, besides manually copying the agenda link (copy as)?

I’m trying to minimise the number of steps to sync my Agenda to Calendar, as I my Calendar is my primary map.

Thanks for your help!