How to link my Google calendar to Agenda?

Hi there, can anyone be of help how to link my google calendar with agenda? I do not see where I can add that agenda. Isn’t it possible? Thx Geurt

Agenda will see any calendar you can see in Apple’s Calendar app. So go into Apple’s Calendar, and add your Google Calendar there. When you see the events appear, go back to Agenda, and they should be there. You can then close Apple Calendar and leave it closed. It is only needed for setup.

I can see my google agenda in my apple calendar (it’s added there), but not in my agenda overview in right section @drewmccormack

@drewmccormack after some hours, the google agenda is now visible. So problem will sove in time:-) thanks for your help earlier. Geurt

Odd. Sorry about that. Next time you could try restarting Agenda, or perhaps even restart the device (Mac/iPhone). That may help if it is “stuck”.

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