How to just start taking notes?

Hitting cmd+N does not open a new note unless I’m on some project.

However, very often I would like to switch the focus to Agenda, and with a shortcut open a new note and start writing. Not in any project, just start taking notes, and then figure out how to organize it (in which project, if it needs to be in one or whether to split it into multiple to-do’s and so on).

Is anything like this planned for the next features? I really like Agenda, and I think that something like this would make it even more immediate to use.

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You’re exactly describing the workflow we indeed would like to address later this year, stay tuned!


I had this same frustration so I simply created a new Project call !NOTES (the ! moves it to the top of my list). Now I can put anything I want into this Project. If there are many related notes, I can create a new Project and move the notes where they fit best.

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