How to Insert a Line Break / Soft Return in iOS?

What I did:
Added to a list I started on Mac. Couldn’t add to lists grouped together by line breaks. Could only add a full return paragraph breaks.

What happened:
Tried shift and return on soft keyboard, tried to use insert menu, could not find a line break option. Only paragraph return.

What I expected:
To be able to edit and update lists composed with line breaks on iOS by being able to insrt line breaks instead of full paragraph breaks.

Things that might be helpful to know (Agenda version, OS and model, etc):
Agenda 5.1; iOS 12.2; iPhone X


I believe we do support alt/option-return and shift-return using the hardware keyboard. Unfortunately the software keyboard doesn’t allow the detection of shift-return :frowning: We hope to add a different way to insert a soft return down the road somehow.

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Doesn’t seem to work with Agenda, but pressing and holding the shift key, then pressing the return key once is not a way to achieve that on iOS? I am also interested to know if that soft-return is now something supported.

Unfortunately this still isn’t possible on iOS, however you do find the soft-linebreak insert option under the plus button in the keyboard bar on iOS and iPadOS.

Oh oh, yes, found it! Thanks for the tip, that does the job.

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