How to disable the auto location sync from calendar to agenda

Hi, I am really loving your product and am starting to use it from today.

I was wondering if there is a way to disable the auto location sync function from the calendar.

Currently, when I tag a note to calendar event with location information, the note automatically writes all the location information in several lines. I think it would be better if there could be a simplified form of this location settings or if there is a way to completely disable this auto location sync function. I feel like the location function is not necessary for all my notes, just some of them. I see redundant texts of locations taking up space in my overall notes area.

Hmm, this doesn’t ring a bell to me. Are you saying if you link to an event, it inserts location information in the note?

If that were happening, I suspect it has to do with how the calendar events are created. Are you using something other than Calendar to create events?

Yes, I am using the native Calendar app. I set up a repeated schedule called ‘Work Hour’ and added my work address to this calendar event (using the location feature of the native Calendar app). Whenever I create new note from this ‘Work Hour’ event, my work address location is already filled inside the content of the notes.

We’re indeed adding the notes of the calendar event to the new Agenda note. We can see if we can make this something you can turn off in the preferences or through a hidden preference.

A simple workaround in the mean time is to first create a new note, type in some content, then link it to the calendar event (you can drag the event on the note, or through the calendar icon). Once a note has content we don’t copy the event notes in anymore.

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Thanks! Throwing just another idea brainstorming,

maybe you can make the specific contents also collapsible (or maybe like a pop-up footnote style). So the location and notes from calendar will be hidden as ‘…’ and revealed when it is clicked? Just an idea, hope it can be resolved in later versions in any other ways too.

Indeed we’ve seen this request quite a few times, more list operations and controls are on the todo list.