How to disable autoformatting

Every time I use underscores for URI’s in my notes as soon as I change lines the autoformat converts my text to italic.

How do I turn this off?

It’s not possible at the moment to turn this off, note though that in the next update we’ll have improved parsing of underscores that makes it much less likely we falsely detect them inside URLs.

We indeed have a fix for this coming. In the meantime, there are few ways around it:

  1. Typing the URL should work. It’s only paste that causes issues.
  2. Typing some text, selecting it, and choosing Note > Link To > Add Link…, and pasting the link there.

Sorry for the inconvenience. Will be fixed in our next release.

When you update your parser, can you also keep variable/function or filenames names in mind?





Yes, the parser has been updated for our next release. It now will not match an underscore unless it is preceded by a space. Should work for these cases.

Note that for source code, I recommend using either the preformatted paragraph style, or the inline fixed width style. In both cases, markdown is ignored for those, and the source code looks better in a fixed width font.

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