How to delete tags that are no longer in use

What I did: want to to delete tags that are no longer in use, in agenda 14

What happened: I can’t find an option to delete tags from the tag list

What I expected:

Things that might be helpful to know (Agenda version, OS and model, etc): agenda 14

They are automatically removed when you delete the last occurrence in the text (note that you might have to empty the trash for that to happen). At the moment it’s not possible to do actively delete tags from the tag browser but we’re looking into providing a way to do so.

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That would be really good. To have a way to really delete them without having to search for all text occurrence.

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The most complicated part of this is that there are two options. Either replace the tag by nothing, which would probably be the preferred option for most cases where you add a tag at the end of a sentence, or replace the tag by the plain text of the tag, which is what you would probably want when the tag is used to #do something like this.

Yes, that’s definitely a good question: I would say that replace by plain text would do it for me if it wouldn’t be perfect in all cases. If you can’t or won’t want to give both options, I guess its better to compromise on one and in my POV it would be plain text.

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