How to delete a tag?



When I’m typing a note and want tag a person there is a list of people with tags that came with the app. These people have no meaning for me and I’d like to be rid of them before I accidentally add one of them to a note. How do do that?


At the moment there’s no way to edit/remove these, we’ll try to add at least the removal of unused/orphaned (people and regular) tags. We also hope to bring a tag and people browser/editor down the road.


After I deleted the sample projects, the name tages (and the other tags) dissapeard :slight_smile:


I tried that, too, but the tags were still there for me.Then I
powered down my device and when I turned it back on they were



Feature request?

I work on an iPad. I don’t know if there’s a more automated way to globally change tags across Agenda, or maybe I’m missing something?

It would be nice to press and hold a tag in a note and be able to Rename Tag (useful to fix a misspelling or name change), and Delete Tag. Both features should have a Confirm/Cancel dialogue box that points out this change will be made globally.

Now, I search for the tag across all projects and open each note to delete and paste to replace. This is obviously labor intensive.