How to delete a category

I’m a new user ‘playing around earlier’ and created a category apparently called untitled. I cannot for the life of me see how to delete or rename it. It also doesnt appear in the sidebar which is strange too.

I’m sure there is an easy answer but….

Mouse over the category title and 3 dots appear. Click that to edit.

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Thanks for that an interesting thing occurred.

I created the new category on my imac and I couldn’t see it or do anything with it…hence I raised the query as I thought I was being thick.

Later this morning I launched the app on my MacBook and hey-presto its there. Is there a need to refresh the app before new categories are visible?

Sorted now thanks.

I like the look and feel of this app… a cross between Bear, Things3 and Omifocus. But I’m not sure how its going to fit my workflow. However, I want it to work so I’m going to pursue it.


Glad you sorted it out. You shouldn’t need to do anything in particular to see a category, so it sounds like a glitch. Note that you can collapse a category, hiding the projects it contains. To show them again, mouse over the category, and hit Show.

It seems that does not work for iOS version - how do I rename a categoey there?


There is a menu for the categories available by swiping on the category from right-to-left, and pressing the button that appears.

In addition double-tapping the category also brings up this menu.

I’ve figured this out before, but just couldn’t remember it or figure it out this time. Thanks for the reminder! Saved me time!!