How to cut undone items on iOS & iPad apps?

I’m looking for the way to move undone items from one note (of today) to tomorrow - like I can do on my Mac app.

Any way to have this on my mobile app? I’m especially interested in iPad version - it’s my main device for planning and organizing things.

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These commands are currently macOS-only, we’ll see if they can be added to the iOS and iPadOS versions too.

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Please, absolutely do! Otherwise, iOS app feels abandoned and useless as a complete diary and tasks management.

I’m starting to stick to your app and this is my very much needed feature, could be a premium one as well - and will replace my ToDo app indeed.

It’s more a matter that the iPad doesn’t have a menu bar, which means it needs to have extra UI, making it harder not to bloat the app. We’ll think about something.

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You didn’t ask for that, but probably this could be of help: I was expecting to find it under the gear icon on the note.

That’s indeed the most logical place on iPad