How to assign calendar date as note title

Hi everyone, I want to know if there is a way (perhaps through templates) to create a note and when assigning the note to a calendar date, that date will be displayed in the title of the note. I’m trying to set up my agenda as a digital bullet journal where I have daily notes. I’ve tried creating a daily note template with the place holders ‘\event-date\date(full)’ but that didnt really work. I know I can just manually do the date but would be nice if I could just open the new daily note on a day in the future and its got its date displayed at the top aswell as being linked to the calendar date. Let me know if there’s anyway I can achieve this, cheers!

It seems you’re combining two different placeholder, it’s actually easier than that, if you want the date of the event in the title, just use \event-date(full) or perhaps better medium or short as the value. If you want the date the note is created you can use \date(full/medium/short).

More info can be found here: Creating and Using Templates - #4 by system

Hope that helps!

When I create a new note (not involving templates) it’s title is todays date. If I assign the note to a different date, the title updates to that date.

Is this what you are looking for @robertson.alexanderj ?

However, I don’t see and settings for this behaviour, so I’ve no idea why it works for me, but not for you.

No, I think that’s unrelated, he would like to have the date of the event in the note title. You do this by

  1. create a template that has the \event-date([full/medium/short]) placeholder in the title
  2. use that template when creating a new note from an event in the inspector

Hi, tresbo is correct in the way that I would like to have the note date (that’s the title) changed when assigning the note to different days, however, It would be awesome to have this happen through my daily note template. It only does this by making a regular note. The main reason I want to do this is so that If I want to create a note for the future (say tomorrows note), I’d like to have my daily note template, assign the note to tomorrow’s date and the date just changes (or includes) tommorows date (assigned through calander and in the title). It quite a minor issue, Its more just having quick and easy note creation with the right dates so that I quickly jot things down and not worry to much about manual formatting. I understand if this is a feature that agenda might not have but thought I’d see if there’s a way! Thankyou for help

From going on just then to agenda and clicking tomorrow date and ‘make new note from template’ It would make the note with tomorrow’s date assigned but has today’s date in the title? hope that clears up my request

You mean this?:
I also miss this option. Unfortunately, this has not yet been improved in Agenda.
I currently use the text replacement in iOS/iPadOS and use, for example, “ast” for “\tomorrow” (\assign-date(tomorrow). After creating a new note from the template, I enter this abbreviation in the note and confirm with Return. This is the quickest method for me.

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I see what you mean, you would like to create a new note from the inspector for tomorrow where the \date parameter in the template should then use the date of that day, correct?