How to add equations to Agenda?

Hi, I’m a scientist who uses equations frequently in my daily note-taking. It seems that Agenda does not support equations in its editor. Do you have any plan to add this feature? Thanks.


We have had a few requests for equations indeed, we have some ideas of how to approach this, stay tuned!
Best wishes,


I’m all in for equations. LaTeX from markdown sorts of stuff (ala IAWriter) maybe?

+1 That would be really really nice, indeed!

when u guys will release this feature, need it badly :grinning:

We’re bringing the infrastructure in place but I’m afraid it will still be quite a while out before it makes it to the top of the list given everything else on the list.

Any updates on this request?

Full equation support is still quite a way out I’m afraid. Indeed Agenda 14 lays the groundwork but I’m afraid it’s not yet there in terms of priorities and competing with other things on the list.