How should I use category and project properly?

After reading the basic usage of Agenda, I come with this. So the projects are tasks which might last days, weeks or months. For example:

[Category] Personal
[Project] manage tax declaration 2019
[Project] plan 2019 winter vacation
[Category] Work
[Project] Build a website
[Category] Archive
[Project] plan 2019 summer vacation
[Project] …

At beginning, I don’t have the “Archive” category idea, but then I realized that I will accumulate many many projects once they are finished, and from the GUI I didn’t see a choice to hide them. Then I came this archive idea, if one project is done, I move it to archive to keep my project list clean.

I just want to get some suggestion if I’m doing right? Or there is better way?

When it comes to archiving completed projects you’ll be happy to know that the next update will make this possible, so it will be much easier to keep your sidebar clean. Having said that, there is no wrong or right answer on how to exactly organise things between categories and projects. Usually it’s best to start with a gut feeling and see how it goes, rearranging things as you discover what works and what is less optimal, until you find a right balance between number of notes per project, number of projects per category, findability etc. Hope that helps.


Expecting the archive feature! When would that happen roughly?

We will start beta testing the archive feature next week…


Nice!, just re-bought it to have new features :slight_smile:

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Thank you for supporting Agenda!