How search for all checklist items? (plus Things 3 idea)

Is it possible to do a search for all checklist items? If so, what character (or character code) would need to be put into the search field?

If this is possible, I can imagine it would be possible to set up a Keyboard Maestro macro to find all checklist items in Agenda, copy them (e.g. at the end of the day) and automatically paste them all into Things 3 at a time of my choosing. Would be pretty great!



Not yet, but this is a common request, and we have ideas for addressing it in an upcoming release.

Note for now that you can copy all unchecked items in a single note using Edit > Checklist menu items.

Thanks - this might be enough for me - as Keyboard Maestro can let you record macros by watching you manually select menus/buttons - so I might be able to make this work!

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